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Before service

1, service purpose

The main purpose of pre-service through communication with customers, so that customers fully understand Guanjie products to help customers make the project planning and system requirements analysis, so that our products can satisfy customer needs, but also to make the customer's investment play the greatest economic benefit.

2, product advice

Fully understand customer needs and use of the environment, to help customers understand Guanjie company's products, including product categories, specifications, product performance, use of the environment, supporting facilities. To help customers select the matching program, such as: the display type, system card, power distribution, signal cables and the like.

3, technical advice

Provide customers with technical support, including technical parameters, product performance, service life, the software platform.

4, the technical program

Provide customers with technical solutions, including product selection, product appearance, circuit design, system composition program.

5, to provide customers with solutions

To provide customers with solutions, including screen size, specifications confirmed, installation programs, distribution confirmed that communications programs.

6, Training Services

The purpose of training services is to enable customers to skillfully use Guanjie LED display system, and can handle some basic malfunction. Training is generally divided into two steps: The first step in basic training in the manufacturing plant, the basic principles of respect focus on the display. The second step in the installation site, focusing on the use and maintenance of the display.

Seven pre-service contact

Phone: 4008168193