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G-TOP company encourages employees to continue to learn, to improve staff quality of all aspects, and to develop employee motivation articles: Tangong starting arguments unsuccessful; seek reward unsuccessful; naught unsuccessful; honestly believe will be successful; punctual diligence will be successful; Helping lasting bonds will be successful; the wisdom of harmony will be successful; suitable to meet the situation will be successful; inclusive patience to be successful.

In modern society this challenging, talent is the first resource, the first productive force, Guanjie talent philosophy is:

Talent = posture X awareness X ability X act insight

Posture: Identity corporate mission, vision, core values; have good moral character, abide by professional ethics.

Consciousness: sense of responsibility, self-motivated, ambition, love of work, full of passion, the face of difficulties tenacious, strong desire to succeed.

Ability to act: a person's thinking and behavior patterns. Mainly for the leadership and execution of a person.

Experience: a person's education, work experience, work experience and experience, and ultimately elevated to the work of wisdom.

Capacity is four more than the multiplication result, and the first two is to determine a person's corporate loyalty factor. For enterprise loyal, have a strong desire to learn and train future employees, the company will give the opportunity to learn as much as possible and work platform to meet the staff to pursue growth and development of mutual trust and desire to work.