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LED lamp beads influence on the LED display

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LED lamp beads LED display as the highest cost, the largest amount of components, LED display for Quality plays a leading role. Today we introduce you to why LED lamp beads are the most critical components LED display, LED lamp beads how to identify the pros and cons?

The most critical components of full-color LED display is LED lamp beads. There are three reasons:

First, LED full-color machine is used in the largest number of key components, each square meter will use the thousands to tens of thousands of LED;

Second, LED display is to determine the entire screen of the optical properties of the body, directly on the screen of the viewer impact assessment;

Third, LED display the largest proportion in the overall costs, ranging from 30-70 percent.

How to identify the pros and cons of LED display lamp beads

First, look at the solder joint. Regular LED lights with LED lights with manufacturers is the use of SMT chip technology, with solder paste and reflow soldering production

Second, look at the quality of FPC. FPC sub-two copper and rolled copper, copper-clad copper foil is projecting, and look from the pad and then look out the connection FPC

Third, look at the cleanliness of the surface of the LED light strip. If using SMT technology, the LED lights, surface cleanliness is very good, I do not see any impurities and dirt

Fourth, look at LED lights with chip and production processes, with the eyes can not see the difference, to use aging equipment and testing equipment, if you put several manufacturers of LED on the aging instrument with a large current aging 24 hours or longer time, you go several manufacturers of LED brightness measurements, see the led light intensity minimum attenuation, attenuation minimum that quality is the best.

LED lamp beads influence on the LED display which

1, viewing angle

LED display angle depends on LED lamp beads perspective. Currently most use outdoor display horizontal viewing angle 100 ° ;, vertical viewing angle 50 °; oval LED, indoor display are the choice of horizontal and vertical 120 °; SMD LED. The display on the highway because of its specificity is generally used 30 °; circular LED enough perspective. Some high-rise on the display for vertical viewing angle higher. Perspective and brightness mutually contradictory, large angle inevitably reduce the brightness. Select the desired viewing angle, depending on the use to decide.

2, brightness

LED brightness is an important determinant of the display's brightness. LED brightness higher, the greater use of current margins, for saving power consumption, keep the LED stable good. LED has a different angle, the brightness has been set in the chip case, the smaller the angle, LED is the light, but the perspective of the smaller screen. General should be chosen to ensure 100-degree LED display sufficient perspective. Different for different point spacing and line of sight of the display, you should find a balance in brightness, angle and prices.

3, the failure rate

Since the full-color display by a group of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of red, green, and blue LED pixels composed of dots, the failure of any color LED display will affect the overall visual effect. In general, according to industry experience in LED display will begin to assemble the failure rate of aging 72 hours before shipment should not exceed ten thousandths (of a failure of the LED lamp itself causes).

4, anti-static capability

LED is a semiconductor device, sensitive to static electricity, static electricity can easily cause failure, so crucial to the ability to display static life. Generally speaking, LED's body static mode test failure voltage of not less than 2000V.

5, life

Theoretical life of LED devices for 100,000 hours, LED display is much larger than other parts of the working life, so long as the LED device quality assurance, appropriate operating current, PCB cooling rational design, strict production process display, LED display device will be whole One of the most durable machine parts.

LED devices accounted for 70% LED display prices in proportion, so that the LED device can determine the quality of the merits of the LED display. That country is the largest producer of LED devices, LED display also making gathering. Technically demanding LED display is the future trend of development, LED display high quality requirements, not only with regard to the trend of LED display manufacturers, are also implicated in the LED display screen device manufacturers develop. From the LED device checks, promote the transformation of China from a big country LED display LED display manufacturer to power.

6, the attenuation characteristic

LED display will appear after working long hours brightness decline and display color inconsistencies, mainly due to the brightness of the LED device attenuation caused. LED brightness decay will cause the entire display screen brightness is reduced. Red, green and blue LED brightness decay magnitude of inconsistency will cause the LED display color inconsistencies, that is, we often say that the display took phenomenon. High quality LED device can be well controlled brightness decay amplitudes. By 1000 hours at room temperature lit 20mA standard, red attenuation should be less than 2%, blue, green decay should be less than 10%, so blue, so as not to be used 20mA current green LED in the display design, it is best to use only 70% to 80 % of the rated current.

In addition to the attenuation characteristics of red, green, blue LED characteristics associated itself, the use of electric current, PCB board thermal design, the display using ambient temperature etc. affect the attenuation.

7, size

The impact of the size of the LED devices LED display pixel distance, namely resolution. 5mm oval lamp is mainly used for more than P16 outdoor display, 3mm oval lamp is mainly used for P12.5, P12, P10 outdoor display, 3528 SMD LED is mainly used for P6, P8 indoor display inside, 2020 SMD LED is mainly used for P2, P3 and other indoor display. Under the premise of constant spacing, LED device size increases, can increase the display area, to reduce the grainy, but due to the reduced black area will decrease the contrast; on the contrary, LED size decreases, reducing the display area, grainy increased , the black area increases, increasing the contrast.

8. Consistency

Full-color display is composed of numerous pixels of red, green and blue LED composed spell, the brightness of each color LED, the wavelength of consistency determines the entire screen brightness uniformity, white balance, consistency, color consistency sex. Generally, display devices require manufacturers and suppliers to provide 1 5nm wavelength range: the range of 1.3 brightness LED, these indicators can be component suppliers were graded by color separation machine reach. Voltage is generally not required consistency.

Because LED is angled, so full-color LED display also has a directional point of view, that when viewed at different angles, its brightness is incremented or decremented. Thus, the red, green, and blue LED's perspective of consistency would seriously affect the balance of the consistency of different angles, directly affects the display of video color fidelity. To do the red, green and blue LED brightness variations at different angles to match the consistency, we need to package the lens design, raw material selection on strict scientific design, depending on package vendor technology. No matter how good the display method in the direction of balance, if the angle consistency LED good, the entire screen white balance effect of different angles will be bad. LED lamp beads Angle Consistency feature is available LED Tester angle measured for the high-end display is particularly important.